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                                 Increase your profitability

                           Maximize your growth potential

With Staffing Offshore Solutions unique Staff Management System, managing your outsourced staff is just like managing an employee down the hall. The virtual employee is dedicated to your company and you communicate directly with your employee or the free supervisor assigned to your account.

 Don't need a full time employee at this time? No problem! Staffing Offshore Solutions offers several solutions .

  • 40 hours per week full-time Offshore Staff
  • 20 hours per week (half-days) part-time Offshore Staff
  • On Call staff - use when you need them

Your virtual staff works on your hours!  Call us today to see how we can customize a solution that works for you.



pencil30x19.jpgWeb Designer
pencil30x19.jpgPersonal Staff
pencil30x19.jpgGraphic Designer
pencil30x19.jpgSEO Analyst
pencil30x19.jpgCall Center Agent
pencil30x19.jpgPhone Receptionsist
pencil30x19.jpgWeb Support Agent
pencil30x19.jpgInternet Marketer